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I'm a Black American, Muslim voice actor and vocalist from Southern California.
Growing up, I lived between the US, Saudi Arabia and the UK, and
 am now living and working in the UK, with my husband and six children. I have an international, transatlantic accent and am bidialectal (I can speak confidently in both US and UK accents). I am also bilingual and speak Hejazi Arabic as a second language to professional efficiency, and have worked as a consultant to Western clients for Western audiences on the Arab language, culture and Muslim faith.  Additional skills include singing and copywriting. I am a US citizen and can work in the US, and hold residency in the UK where I am also free to work.


STUDIO SPECS: I operate my own home studio and can produce high quality voice recordings with quick turnaround.  I use a Røde Condenser NT2-A condenser microphone, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 interface,  DAW: Audacity, a 27" MAC computer and work in a sound treated room. I am Source-Connect Standard ready, and available for ipDTL/Zoom/Skype.

I am confident in my adaptability and flexibility across a variety of vocal genres and have been blessed to work on many exciting projects. 

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